Watts Press Release


Second Look to 4-year Scholarships

SEATTLE – Sometimes, a second look is all that’s necessary,to make a big difference in the lives of young people, according to Donald Watts. Watts and his father Donald “Slick” Watts of The Watts Foundation created the College Exposure Tour to create those kind of opportunities.

Slick himself a former undrafted NBA player for the Seattle Supersonics, and his son Donald Watts, a former

UW Huskies player, are dedicated to supporting youth through college scholarships, team building, camp participation, mentorships, academic support and community service. Slick was able to move from high school, to community college and ultimately into the NBA.

“We see talented kids that are distracted by perceived opportunities to showcase by playing in tournaments from age 15 on, but they never take the time to hone the skills needed for college or the professional level. At 18, when they graduate high school many are left with no prospects,” Donald added.We believe every child deserves an opportunity!

Each season unsigned high school and junior college players upend the basketball scout experts by capturing Division 1 roster spots when given a second chance. One local student athlete that beat those odds is A.J. Edwards, a Yale University Bulldog who played on the NCAA team that upset Baylor (3/17/16) in the first round of the 2016 NCAA Basketball tourney.

The Seattle Roosevelt High School graduate got that second chance with college scouts at the All-American JUCO Showcase after working out with the Watts Foundation and Watts Basketball. The College Exposure Tour was created to provide these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for local, highly talented high school and community college athletes to showcase their skills at the Showcase – the top event in the US for unsigned players. Last year over 250 coaches, with over 150 NCAA Division 1 coaches were in attendance at their venues in Dallas and Los Angeles.

“Through basketball, The Watts Foundation teaches strength, concentration, tenacity, and love for the game. We do all this because we believe basketball skills empower personal growth, ultimately developing important life skills.


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