Dear Friends,


The Watts Foundation is grateful for the continued support of the community and members like you.  Your generosity allows us to fulfill our mission to providing youth with a multicultural, economically diverse environment using team athletics and academic awareness, mutual acceptance and standard of excellence.


As you know, I have dedicated my life to the sport of basketball and worked hard to develop my skills and learned to capitalize on my gifts and talents. Unfortunately, the injury that ended my NBA career would have been devastating if I hadn’t had three advantages.


First, I had a family and community that taught me the value of working hard and living with integrity. Second, I had the experience of playing on teams for most of my life and learned the value of cooperation, reciprocity and building relationships that last. And, finally, I had an education. I had completed my college degree and, therefore, had all of the necessary qualifications to continue to support my family.


In this day and age, our families are too often fractured, our sense of community has diminished and our urgency about the need for an education beyond high school has all but disappeared. The Watts Foundation’s goal is to create a culture that will reinforce all of the positive qualities of our community while distracting our children from the negative influences.


We strongly believe that the discipline and focus that is learned through participating in a team sport as well as the nurturing of their intellect, cultivation of the sense of civic responsibility and exposure to future possibilities, will help our children overcome the obstacles they face.

During these challenging economics times, we need the support of a caring community more than ever.   Please consider giving a gift today. A gift to the Legacy Fund is a true investment in the health and well being of our young men. Your donation will be making a difference in their lives.  Each dollar contributes to the strength of the Watts Reign program and the continued need for financial aid to those families needing help.

With Deepest Gratitude,





Donald “Slick” Watts